• "Michael Brown is a tremendous speaker and trainer. If your company is looking to partner with a great Leadership Training group, this is who you should pick! I would recommend Michael and his company to anyone who needs training, leadership development or executive coaching for your Team Members." Kurt Schrock, Director, Corporate HR, Tyson Foods



Great facilitation provides clarity and insight. It’s that simple. Training is not about lecturing a group and checking a compliance box. It’s about taking a group of people through a process to help them see a new way of thinking and working.

Our facilitation is engaging, interactive, and effective. We like to laugh and have fun, but at the end of the day, success is based on the results after the classroom.

Your team doesn’t need to bring their nap mats to the training! The investment will help your team develop.


Leaders don’t settle for the status quo and mediocrity.

It’s not easy. You’ve got to make the tough decisions, take responsibility for what’s happening or not happening and keep everything moving forward. Our coaching is helps leaders clarify personal values and align them with leadership actions. This creates consistency and clarity to leadership. More importantly it helps you stay true to yourself so you can lay your head down at night with a sense of peace even in the midst of a little chaos.

Presentation Coaching

Wouldn’t it be great to know you nailed the presentation! To know you influenced, informed, and/or inspired the audience. Everyone has a unique personality that comes to life when they are in their element. Some people find their voice while sitting across a coffee table; others thrive while sitting around a conference table. Presentation coaching helps leaders communicate effectively in any setting. Stop wondering if you nailed it and start focusing on helping your audience get it.


Let’s get on the same page about consulting. We partner with organizations to help them accomplish their goals. Our goal is to propel organizations forward with the resources to keep them flying. Here are a few areas we specialize in:

  •  Leadership Development Strategy
  •  Creating a Healthy Culture
  •  Finding and Developing High Potential Leaders
  •  Onboarding Programs
  •  Vision, Mission, and Values Development
  •  Organizational Alignment
  •  Tearing Down Silos

To make sure we create the right map to get your organization moving in the right direction we walk through an assessment process. This could be a Gap Analysis, Swot Analysis, Focus Groups, Interviews and/or facilitated meetings.

The Insight Process


We find direction.

During meetings, assessments, and/or focus groups we help our clients find direction.

“We hired Michael to provide customer service training for our workforce event at Arrest Ballpark. He was professional,
energetic, engaging and fun throughout this presentation. His points were simple to understand but far reaching in scope.
I’m a big fan of Michael’s and will absolutely seek him out in the future.”

Eric Edelstein, President at Rene Aces/USL Reno 2017


We create a map to get there.

Our strategic map will lay out the plan of action to get you there.

“Michael is a pre-eminent authority on leadership and management. He has a keen eye for detail and the ability to tackle complex problems with creative, effective solutions. Michael has both the brains to know where he is going, and the brawn to lead a team to great heights.”

Mike Nicholas, SPHR, Director of Human Resources at Bethel College


We blaze a new trail and arrive there.

Strategy is not meant to sit on a page. Through consulting, training and coaching we help our clients reach their destination.

“Michael Brown is a tremendous speaker and trainer. He has rolled out the majority of the Emotional Intelligence training for our
Finance and Accounting Function at Tyson Foods. He took a three day course and pared it down to one day and the results
and feedback have been extraordinary! If your company is looking to partner with a great Leadership Training group,
Insight Leadership Group, LLC and Michael Brown is who you should pick! He has also done work with our
Leadership and Organizational Development team at Tyson Foods, Inc. I would recommend Michael and his company
to anyone who needs training, leadership development or executive coaching for your Team Members.”

Kurt Schrock, Director of Corporate HR at Tyson Foods